The sweat hung heavy on Steven\'s cold features. He was walking as calmly as
he could down the corridor. Given the chance he may have been described as
handsome, but none gave him the chance and Steven didn\'t really want them to. He
was keeping a close eye on the shadows that covered every doorway, as people who
were less fortunate than him often lurked there waiting for someone to mug. Who
would have thought that the Human race would have come to this? Locked in an
intergalactic war that had lasted several millennia, but he was going to change
that, it would be as the war had never happened and indeed if he succeeded, it

Suddenly he stopped and gazed out of the nearest view port, he saw nothing
but a thin sprinkling of stars and an awful lot of black, it was pretty much the
same view he had had for the past thirteen weeks. At fist he found it
awe-inspiring and then slowly that had given way to just plain dull and then
very dull and then deeply dull. This depressed him greatly not because he loved
to marvel at the beauty and intricacy of the universe, but because it
remaindered him of his own life, stark and bleak with only a few pin pricks of
excitement or hope in the near blank empty shell that was his life. He only got
depressed when he was bored, bored or nervous, and at this moment it was the

Time Travel, two little words that have caused so much conflict and so many
scientists to pull out their hair and have to be put into tax exile which is the
usual fate of those determined to make a fool of themselves in public. Steven
didn\'t much like the idea of time travel, meddling in the past to affect the
present it was to complicated. How could he go back in time to stop a war that
was the reason that he went back in the first place, if it\'s done it should be
done the bastards should leave it alone. There was also the issue that if some
thing went wrong he would be broken down into a mixture of hydrogen carbon and
ozone and would then be spread to any place in the entire universe and at any
point in that places history. In short he would die a horrible, horrible death.
But he didn\'t really care his life at the moment only resembled some kind of
rabbit like creature that had died and been left out in the sun to long.

Dr. Simons however had a slightly more optimistic view on what was about to
happen. This probably had something to with the fact that he was in no real
danger as all he had to do was throw a switch and cross his fingers. Dr. Simons
was considered to be the leading expert on temporal physics in the entire known
universe. He had succeeded where others had failed he had created a time
machine. He\'s not quite sure how it happened, he was trying to create a nuclear
powered toaster at the time. The idea for this toaster had hit him when a few
weeks earlier he had been harassed by falling pieces of lightly browned squares
of bread that had just seemed to materialise a few feet above his head and
proceeded to land on him. He was even more confused when he had completed this
toaster that every piece of bread that he had put into it did not come out in
fact they just disappeared. He finally realised what he had created when one of
his pupils, feeling rather hungry after just discovering that the whole universe
was in fact the same shape as Mickey Mouse\'s head, had adjusted the controls on
the toaster to high and had sent the bread fifteen seconds in to the future.
Again above Dr. Simons head.

As Steven walked down the corridor it suddenly struck him that there were a
great many things that he and in fact the whole human race did not know or
indeed were mealy not aware of, one of the great many things that Steven was not
aware of was the fact that he was God. The main reason that he was not aware of
this is because he didn\'t actually know as on his way to earth he had been
struck on the head by a news paper being flung from the road by a spotty