“There are two kinds of people in this world…”

College Essay

Sitting in this sauna called the computer lab, I realize how close our graduation date is. I can almost see that day played out in my head. “Keep up the hard work Maggie,” infringes my University of Illinois alumni teacher. All I need to do is get through these couple long awaited months. After looking through college applications, scholarships, and grants, I’ve realized how to answer this question. There are two types of people in this world: those who wish what they could be and those who are willing to work for who they can be.

When it comes down to these two divisions of people, one tends to think about which group he fits into. It is great for people to dream about growing up and living wealthy, but these dreams do not come true without the reality of a lot of hard work. Individuals who do not put in the effort to reach their dreams in life will never get anywhere. Without motivation and some sort of drive, today’s youth will fall short of their dreams. If teenagers today are not getting into colleges or developing careers where will this generation be fifteen years from now? People do not understand that in order to fulfill their dreams, they need to work towards them. Our adolescents cannot continue wishing and hoping that their dream job is just going to fall into their lap.

Going to college is an important step in becoming what I have always wanted to be. Since the beginning of Junior High School I have wanted to become a graphic designer for an advertising company. Working with computers has shown me how much I still need to learn in order to achieve my goal of becoming that artist. Of the two groups I have outlined, I have placed myself into the category of one who works to become what he wants to be. By applying to Columbia College I am showing everyone around me that I genuinely want to pull this off. College is my ticket out of the suburbs and into the city of Chicago. I am entirely prepared and ready to work towards becoming a graphic designer. Whatever is ahead of me, I feel like I can take it head on.

Through my efforts in high school I have learned how to work hard for what I want. I would benefit greatly from being accepted at Columbia. I am ready to do whatever it takes to attain my dream, no matter what the effort. Some people say there are those who wish who they could be, and those who are willing to work for who they can be. I have made my decision to work hard for who I want to be become. I am not going to let my childhood dream die out like a wet match. I will not go down easily. Individuals who decide to just wait around until something falls in their laps will be left out in the cold. Without working towards my goals in life, my goals are not worth anything.