I was doing the normal thing any therapist does, taking notes and trying to comfort my patients. I called out to Tina my secretary “Tina send in the next Patient.” This patient was new, her name was Sally, and apparently she had a record of wanting to kill her husband. Throughout the session she explained her anger for him, she told me stories of how he abused her and castrated her. He was a very angry man. He had a record of domestic violence, that’s what I was told by my former employees. I wonder if he had ever been in a therapy session before. She continued to babble on about how he needed to be dealt with before he hurts someone else. I believe he was the main source of the anger placed inside her complex brain. She was one of the most complex patients I ever had. She began to get loud saying “he needs to die!” I interrupted her bye saying “so tell me about your childhood.”

She began to spill out her feelings crying and sobbing I couldn’t quite make out her words. “Sally you have to speak clearer so I can understand you” I said in a soft voice so I wont set off any raging attitudes. She calmed down and started to begin but as soon as she was finished with her first sentence she was cut off by the timer. I told her we would continue the lesson tomorrow as she was exiting through the door. She turned back and nodded her head as of saying yes.

That night I was left with the words of sally running in and out of my head. “He slammed me against walls and punched me because I wouldn’t do the dishes. I hate him he needs to fell the pain and hurt he causes me he needs to perish!”

Our next session didn’t take to long to come. She explained the relationship her and her mother had how she put her mother down, how she separated her mother and father with lies, crazy shit like that. Near the end of the session she became really violent she started to throw chairs and scream like a mad woman. She quickly lunged at me and began to chant her husband’s name. It was if she thought I was him I knew what was next and there was no stopping it. She immediately grabbed my letter opener and plunged it through my chest directly hitting my heart I had one minute of life left and saw the expression on her face. She knew then it was all a mistake and no one else’s but hers.

The end