Theodore Robert Bundy

On January 24, 1989, Theodore Robert Bundy lost the battle he had been fighting for years. There are different stories as to his character before his execution. Some say that in the days before his death, he felt remorse for his actions. More say that he felt sorry only for himself. Ted confessed to more than 20 murders in his last years in prison. We have all heard the stories about Ted Bundy; about the pretty girls he boldly kidnapped and savagely murdered. But how many of us dismiss his actions as insane or crazy? The truth is that Ted Bundy was not clinically insane. So what made this seemingly compassionate, intelligent man kill innocent women? If you asked Ted in the days before his death, he probably would have said pornography. Some attribute his hatred for women to a failed relationship with a woman he dated in college. But how often do people see pornography or hear about someoneís terrible break up? Do all of these people grow up to be serial killers? No, so what made it so in the case of Ted Bundy?

Bundy was born on November 24, 1946 to Louise Cowell. He was born an illegitimate child. To keep from bringing shame to her family, Louise moved in with her parents and Ted was raised, as his grandparentsí child thinking his mother was his sister. Ted was an outcast among children his own age; he was teased and became self-doubting. As a teenager, he became much more socially accepted. He was considered to be a well-mannered, handsome young man. However, it was in these yearly years that Tedís sexually depravity began. It started harmlessly enough: a young man finds a couple of pornographic magazines in a dumpster. But during his teen years, Tedís fascination with women grew to an unhealthy level. He began voyeuristically watching women in his neighborhood undress. He came to enjoy seeing women in vulnerable positions. It is believed that during these years he would disable a womanís car in order to see her in a more helpless situation.

It is thought he may have claimed his first victim at age 14. This has never been proven but after he was ultimately convicted, police went back and found that an eight-year-old girl in his block disappeared when Ted was 14. If true, this would discount the idea that a broken heart during college precipitated his killing spree. As Ted entered college in Washington, his romance bloomed with a young student. He fell in love but soon found that the girlís intentions towards him were not the same as those he felt towards her. It was in this same year that he was finally told of his motherís true identity. After the break up, Ted, who had always been a very good student, dropped out of school and became disinterested with everything. This is when the killings began.

Ted not only killed his victims; he also brutally raped and sodomized many, if not all of them. I believe that Tedís negative feelings towards women began very early in life. It seems, at the risk of sounding Freudian, that a lot of Tedís problems had to do with his mother. I think his confusion about who his mother was blurred the lines for Ted as to what role women play in his life. I think finding out so late in life that his sister was really his mother had a traumatic effect on him. I am not saying that this type of thing only happened in Tedís case and I am not saying that every person with this kind of past goes out and kills but I think this dynamic, coupled with Tedís predisposition to perversion and violence created a very confused and angry man.

Tedís killing spree started in Washington and lasted about four years. When it was all said and done, Ted Bundy had claimed dozens of lives. Ted, however, was examined in prison and found to be legally competent to stand trial for his crimes. He was a very conceited man. This is obvious in his character, not to mention that he would abduct his victims in plain sight during the day. His most well known