The Yellow Wall Paper

“The Yellow Wall-Paper” was a story of the 19th Century written by a
woman who suffered from a severe nervous breakdown. She was in her own house
hallucinating events. She had difficulties controlling her own thoughts, and
started getting emotional out of a sudden. She would get angry with her husband
out of no reason, in other words, she needed a great effort for herself to think
and act as a normal person. The atmosphere in the house had contributed to her
being nervous which led to her mental disorder. The house was situated in an
isolated area, which made her think that there was something strange with the
place. The “nursery” which was her room was another place that always came
to her mind. The place was confusing for her at that time. For instance she
could get a good view from one of the window and from another she got an
unpleasant view. These windows also made her have hallucination of the
wallpaper. The yellow wallpaper in the room obsessed her so much that she could
lie in her bed and follow the pattern that was printed on the wallpaper. These
settings of the room have been chosen as I felt that these were the atmospheric
feeling that might have contributed to her sickness.

1. The author emphasize on the settings of her room. She talked about the
wallpaper and the views from the windows. It was the wallpaper that had a great
impact on her feelings and thoughts. Hallucinations began whenever she looked at
the wallpaper. There were times where she could imagine the pattern on the
wallpaper as eyes that were upside-down staring at her, sometimes she could see
a frightening figure appearing from the wallpaper. She would get irritated and
confused whenever she looked at that wallpaper, however she never stop staring
at it and following the pattern that was on it. This was one of the cause to her
thinking disorder, that is why she emphasize more on this area. The second event
that made her stress was the view from the window which she gets at night. This
had also an impact on her nervous breakdown. Moreover, she had to listen to her
husband’s word, she was pretty much lacking of freedom. She was not able to
make decisions of her own. It could be seen when the husband did not want to
move out of the house due to the rent policy.

2. The author had chosen an atmosphere that was depressing. It was not very
scientific of her to have imagined all the figures and events that frightened
her. She must have suffered a great deal of depression from after child-birth.
The settings of the house and the atmosphere was appropriate for this passage,
as it had made us feel of the authors feeling while she was experiencing those
events. The atmosphere was also cold as we can see that she was being controlled
by her husband. She did not have the freedom for herself. It was also shown that
the equality in society which existed in the 19th Century.

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