The World Without an Education

In today’s society many students experience obstacles, troubles, and failure. However, the obstacles, troubles, and failure derive from our irresponsible schools and families. When people think about schools in our society they perceive it to be a non-challenging atmosphere. Some students discover school to be very hard and mind boggling, when other students perceive school to be the worst thing on earth. Our schools tend to group students based on their age and expected ability rather than placement testing. By using the placement test it allows schools to challenge students at a more personal level. The placement test also benefits the teachers or professors because the material can be taught at a steadier pace and level. Therefore, I will provide many examples of how the schools and families set their expectances at such a low standard.

Why or why not? Can stress really be a factor in low expectations? Not only is it stressful for the parents but also, it is stressful for kids when they are expected of too much. This may be the answer to why parents want kids to act more independent. Many parents have a lot of responsibility as it is; so staying less involved in their kid’s day-to-day schedule is one less thing to worry about for a parent. Then there are always the kids who try to get more involved in school, but really cant because of the lack of communication between them and their parents. Self-image can pay a toll on low expectancy. From what I have seen in the past, teachers want to look good so if they show good grades it really doesn’t matter who is being challenged. This also goes for the parents. Parents who see good grades leave it at that, instead of expecting more.

Could parents setting low expectations on their kids result from finding the easy way out?

Many parents want their kids to take life by the hands and only deal with something when they are faced with it. Some say this is the easy way out, but some may say this is how life should be lived. This results in kids being left without any responsibility. Why do something when you don’t have to? It’s all about following the older and wiser.

With teachers or professors having such a very low expectance of the students, it allows students to lack the knowledge they need. Resulting from these casual but un-noticed habits students become bored and un-interested in learning. For instance, McQuillan states “teachers expect little of students.” The materials being taught to the students are more or less hurting our society rather than helping the society become more intelligent. However the teachers or professors are not taking the extra mile to teach, instead of explaining and assigning an assignment to see if the students comprehend what the discussion was about. Through time, teachers and professors segregate students into groups by their age, color of skin, and even their gender. Such as, how Steele says, “less and less has been asked of black students, and weaker and weaker performance has been allowed to count for them—social promotion in K-12 and lower standards for college admission than for other groups.” As a result, teachers and professors are cheating the students and obstructing the society by not taking the responsibilities to set higher expectances for the students to achieve.

Throughout my twelve years of school I have noticed various students and friends of mine that have families with low expectances. Some of the expectances are very obvious. Such as how parents are not taking responsibility to set goals for their children and even set curfews. Well in my case I had the advantage of the high expectations that my parents set for me. So when I hung out with friends I noticed lots of irresponsible parents. A lot of irresponsibility came from my friends telling me what they did last night or what party they got busted at. But that is not even close to the edge of what these kids were not expected of. These kids would skip class, show up late to school, and have the tendency to be tardy to class and their parents would not care. By