The World View of the Greek Philosophers

Greek Philosophers of the Greco-Roman Age all had there own world views that were often times a mixture of many philosophers ideas of many topics. But what was the Greek view that was explained by Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle? And how was their world view different or similar from Homer. Also, how is their world view similar to or different from the Biblical world view? These questions need answers and as you will see many of the philosophers used other ideas from different philosophers and altered them a little or a lot, depending on what they thought.

First, the philosophers view on raising children were all pretty close in that in the idealistic country, that the government would pick out what they thought were good matches as husband and wife. Shortly following the birth of the child, they would send the two to three year old baby off to strict education. At the age of eighteen, they would pick out the elite few of the bunch. After the chosen would go off to another round of long term education and training until the age of mid-thirties when again the elite were chosen and then trained sometimes one on one with a guardian until the age of late forties and then they were officially guardians.