The Trojan War

Homer was the god who wrote three famous poems, the Illiad, the Oddessy,
and the Beowulf. The Illiad was the story of the Trojan war. Here\'s how the
trojan war went.
Helen, Clytemnestra\'s sister, was married to Menelaus. A while later,
Menelaus went hunting, and Paris from Troy came and took Helen away. Agamemnon
heard the news and was furious. So, he got together troops and set off to Troy
to get Helen back. But, they couldn\'t sail out of the bay..the wind held them
back. So they had to sacrafice a maiden. Agamemnon sacraficed Iphigenia, his
daughter. Clytemnestra, Agamemnon\'s wife, was NOT happy, for Iphigenia was her
favorite daughter.
Clytemnestra set out to murder Agamemnon, but it was too late. He was
already on his way out to Troy.
During the war, Hector had killed Achilles\' best friend. Achilles was
FURIOUS. So Achilles dragged Hector in a circle 3 times by his hair and gave
killed him.
Then Agamemnon came back, married to beautiful princess Cassandra.
Clytemnestra had even more reason to kill Agamemnon now. So, she killed
Cassandra, then took her husband\'s live.
Orestus and Electra, Clytemnestra and Agamemnon\'s other two chilren,
then killed their mother for killing their father.
After the war, Odysseus set out on a journey, and killed Achilles.

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