The Tempest: Caliban\'s Ignorance

Shakespeare portrays Stephano\'s view of Caliban as an ignorant slave by taking
advantage of the "monster"(Shakespeare, Act II, Scene II, line 31) while he is
intoxicated. At first glance of Caliban, Stephano decides that he is a being
lesser than he. For this reason, to himself, Stephano discusses his plan to
enslave Caliban: "recover him and keep him tame and get to Naples with him"(
Act II, Scene II, line 69-70). A "taste of [Stephano\'s] bottle,"( Act II, Scene
II, line 76) serves as an aid for Stephano to achieve his goal. Stephano has
cleverly decided to get Caliban drunk, further impairing Caliban\'s decision
making skills and common sense. In other words, making him more foolish. As a
result, this plan of Stephano\'s, proves to not be a difficult task. For these
reasons, we understand Stephano makes the assessment that Caliban is an empty-
-headed brute.

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