The Sunday Times

Sunday 11th November 2004

Sergeant “Shelter” slays seven

Air Marshals provoke outrage at Heathrow Airport A case of mistaken identity proved the trigger for a near disaster situation at Heathrow Airport recently or so a secret report commissioned by the Dept of Transport revealed.
This case which has only just come to light through the leaking of a government document shows that Air marshals on bored a British Airways plane bound for Washington DC drew their guns and nearly shot a small child who had been playing hide and seek in the lavatories of a Boeing 747.

The idea of Air marshals is not new the civilian aviation companies. After September 11th marshals were placed on most flights to Washington and New York City.

This incident comes to light after the recent grounding of two other British Airways Boeing 747 flights to Washington.

Since this case has leaked out a statement has been released saying, ‘we are carrying out an investigation into the incident and are reviewing the position o Air Marshals on planes to Washington.

British Airways Boeing 747

Last night crazed killer named Shelter was caught whilst asphyxiating a teenage boy at his home in South London.
Reporting by Brian Macdonald and Louise Bain.

One of The victims being prepared for an autopsy

It was our own reporter Louise Bain, who was originally researching homelessness that raised the alarm and called the police who later arrested the mass murderer.
Yesterday started out normally for Louise, undercover as a homeless girl called Gail, on the streets of London. For a few days she had been begging with another homeless teenage boy calling himself Link. In the late afternoon a man approached them looking for his daughter that had been seen entering a man’s house.

‘This is when we became suspicious’, said Louise,

‘I found out the address of this man, 9 Mornington Place and we went to his house and watched him for a few days.’

‘During this time nothing really happened but then we had an argument and I left, to write my story.’

Next a 40 year-old man lured Link into his house and started to strangle him when he made a break for it and pulled down the curtain trying to escape.

I was suspicious so before I made my report I called the police.

The mass murderer calling himself ‘Shelter’ had been an ex-army Sergeant and was forced to leave the army when he was reported to be having mental problems.

He believed that the homeless community were ‘in a plot to clog up the country’ and so set about ’ridding London of them’. He had butchered seven other victims before he was caught. He bludgeoned and suffocated his victims and then buried them under his floorboards.

£2.50 Issue 10,000

He was discovered at about 10:00pm on Saturday night at his home, 9 Mornington Place whilst asphyxiating Link.

We managed to secure an interview with a police spokesman.

Q. What sight met your eyes when you forced your way into the house?

A. Well there was ‘Shelter’ kneeling on top of ‘Link’ strangling him.

Q. What was your reaction when you broke in?

A. I was shocked and I ran over to ‘Shelter’ and pushed him out of the way with the help of the other officers.

Q. What will happen now?

A. Shelter will be put on trial, and it is very likely that he will be found guilty for the murders, so he would, in that case, have to serve seven life sentences.

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