The Stress Test



This assignment was borrowed from a GE 100 class. Keep in mind that you can always benefit from assessing your stress level and stress reactions.


Rate yourself as to how you typically react in each of the situations listed below. There are no right or wrong answers.

4 = Always
3 = Frequently
2 = Sometimes
1 = Never

Enter a number in the box for each question. When you complete the questionnaire, add up you total number of points and type it in the box. An answer key is provided below.

1. Do you try to do as much as possible in the least amount of time?

2. Do you become impatient with delays or interruptions?

3. Do you always have to win at games to enjoy yourself?

4. Do you find yourself speeding up the car to beat the red light?

5. Are you unlikely to ask for or indicate you need help with a problem?

6. Do you constantly seek the respect and admiration of others?

7. Are you overly critical of the way others do their work?

8. Do you have the habit of looking at your watch or clock often?

9. Do you constantly strive to better your position and achievements?

10. Do you spread yourself "too thin" in terms of your time?

11. Do you have the habit of doing more than one thing at a time?

12. Do you frequently get angry or irritable?

13. Do you have little time for hobbies or time by yourself?

14. Do you have a tendency to talk quickly or hasten conversations?

15. Do you consider yourself hard driving?

16. Do your friends or relatives consider you hard driving?

17. Do you have a tendency to get involved in multiple projects?

18. Do you have many deadlines in your work?

19. Do you feel vaguely guilty if you relax and do nothing during leisure?

20. Do you take on too many responsibilities?


Answer Key

If your score is between 20 and 30, chances are you are non-productive or your life lacks stimulation.

A score between 31 and 50 designates a good balance in your ability to handle and control stress.

If you tallied up a score ranging between 51 and 60, your stress level is marginal and you are bordering on being excessively tense.

If your total number of points exceeds 60, you may be a candidate for heart disease.

Help! I am stressed! What do I do now?

Adapted from the following reference: Academic Resource Center, Sweet Briar College Sweet Briar, VA 24595 (


o Everyone must love me and everyone must approve of everything I do.
o I must be thoroughly competent, adequate, intelligent, and achieve in all possible respects.
o It is a terrible catastrophe when things are not as I would like them to be.
o Unhappiness is the result of external events and happenings that are focused on that and me I have no control over.
o I should be greatly concerned about dangerous and fearful things and must center my thinking on them until the danger has passed.
o It is better for me to avoid difficulties and responsibilities in life than to face them.
o Because something greatly influenced me in the past, it will determine my present behavior: the influence of my past cannot be overcome.
o What other people do is vitally important to me, and I should make every effort to change them to be the way I think they should be.
o There is one perfect solution to every problem, and if I do not find it, the results will be terrible.
o I have virtually no control over my emotions; I am a victim and cannot help how I feel.


o Accept your own responsibility in situations.
o Set realistic expectations for yourself.
o Focus on one day at a time.
o Focus on successes rather than on failures.
o Develop your own personal definition of success.
o Be realistic about time expectations and perspectives; learn to be flexible.
o Remember, life is full of troublesome problems. This is normal.
o Recognize that parents, partners, and