The Story of Atalanta

Atalanta was a goddess who wasn\'t wanted by her father. So her father took and
put her in the forest to die. Her dad wanted a boy. She was saved and raised by
a bear. For many years she was raised by bears. Soon some hunters found her and
returned her to here father. Her father was happy, but soon got sick of her
again. She said whom ever chould beat here in a foot race whould be here new
husband. If they lost they whould be put to death. Many lost. Intill one boy who
asked help from the goddess of another god. The god gave him 3 golden apples.
Then was the race. The race started and he threw the first golden apple.
Atalanta went to pick it up. He was in the lead, but atalanta caught up. He
threw the second one further. Atalanta went to pick it up. He gained more space.
The race was near end and atalanta was gaining on him. So he took the last apple
and through it real far. Atalanta went to get it. He won the race. They were wed.
Soon they whould offend Zues though. And be turned into lioness.

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