The Self-Existent God
A world without God…. well it would be a world without a creator. Could something exist if it came out of something that had a beginning? Could a world exist if it came out of something that depended on something else? Could a world exist if it came out of something that could change? These are the questions I will answer in the following paragraphs.

“What ever is, is changing” This, is a view accepted by just about everyone with no argument. The second we are born, our bodies are changing almost as fast as our minds. Opinions are flipped all over the place the very second someone hears another, and depending on how it’s heard, a whole new opinion is made and spread, in turn creating an endless cycle of change we follow until death. If we change, then we have to have a beginning and an end, our withered, fragile bodies have to shrug off the coil of life someday, but they had to connect to it too, and if what ever connected us would be disconnected too, how connect something else? If a creator could change, there is no way it could exist out of nothing and then just create a world out of nothing. If the beginning of humankind was just us crawling out of a pit of goo one day, there wouldn’t have been a set of unchangeable morals that could only be made by an unchangeable creator to make them. Everything has to start somewhere and it cant just happen.

When we were born we depended on our parents to raise us, just like they expected of their parents, and them of their parents, and so on. We also depend on the grocery store to supply the food we need, we depend on the government to make our laws, and we depend on our TVs to entertain us. In this same way we have to depend on something to begin our existence, and if it were natural and needed something to depend on just like everything else does, that would mean that it would depend on something to make it. In the same way, it would depend on some thing to make that, and now we just run around in circles trying to think about it. If whatever started the world was natural, we would be living in an unnatural existence, oh, that would mean we wouldn’t have to change now would it? I guess that’s gonna have to flipped around now, but if we can’t change and don’t need anything, how can something that could be less fragile of an existence. Let alone that would also mean that the creator had a beginning, which puts that whole theory we just got going in a bad position whether or not that we obviously change. Sooo…. a creator can’t depend on anything.

A God, and not just any god, a perfect God. One that not even time itself can change, one that has no needs to be met. One that created the world out of sheer love to allow us to exist. The one and only God was there, He was always there and always will be. He didn’t create himself, he was already there, and he was there to create the reality we now live in and take advantage of. Our God, the self-existent God.