The Second World War Essay Questions

1. What factors helped the Nazis and Adolf Hitler come to power in Germany?

-The factors that helped the Nazis and Adolf Hitler come to power in Germany were one, after the war Germany could not repay its debt to the allies and sunk into a depression, two, Adolf Hitler told the Germans that he could fix their economy. By 1934, Adolf Hitler was named the German chancellor and the Nazi had become the nationís largest party.

2. Explain Hitlerís belief on race and how it guided his decisions to start World War II.

-Hitlerís belief on race was that the German race was above them all, that they were the superior race. He referred to the Jewish people as the ďinferior race.Ē He blamed the Jewish for all of Germanyís hardships and said they were the enemy. During this time Hitler wanted to expand the German empire telling Germans that they were superior and needed living space. Hitler started by annexing Austria against France and Britainís will. He soon took over Sudetenland through an appeasement and then seized Prague going against his word at the Munich conference.

3. Why wasnít the League of Nation very effective in preventing another World War?

-The League of Nations wasnít very effective because one, they had no way of actually enforcing what they wanted done, two, the Nations in the League of Nations were busy recovering from the first World War because they were involved in trying to fix their own economies and trying to recover from their losses, and three because they didnít think that Hitlerís main goal was to start a war, which was his main goal.

4. Explain the Allied strategy to defeat Nazi Germany.

-The Allied strategy to defeat Nazi Germany was to get rid of Germany before Japan. They decided to partner up with Stalin and they were known as The Big Three. The plan was to start in North Africa and move their way up. It was supposed to create a second front, relieving Stalinís troops by making German troops divide.

5. Disscuss events that led to the deterioration of relation between the U.S. and Japan.

-There were several events that led to the deterioration of relation between the U.S. and Japan. The first event was Japan becoming one of the Axis powers and pledged to declare war on America if it went to war with any of the Axis powers. The U.S. then an embargo on critical cargo to war, and sent a lot of aid to China. The second event was the attack on Pearl Harbor. 360 Japanese bombers attacked Pearl Harbor, bases on Midway, Wake, Guam, and the Philippines by surprise. The U.S. declared war on Japan and ultimately the Axis powers. In the Pearl Harbor attack, America lost 19 ships that were damaged or sunk, 149 destroyed planes, 2403 soldiers and civilians were killed, and another 1178 were wounded. The next event was the Battle of the Coral Sea which was fought entirely with planes. Japanís goal here was to cut off Australia from the Allies. Neither side actually won. The next event was The Battle of Midway, where Japanís code was cracked and America supplied Midway with the things they would need to defeat Japan. Japan suffered losses of 4 aircraft carriers, 1/3 of its airplanes, and the lives of 3000 men. Japanís advance to Hawaii was stopped. The last event was the Battle of Leyte Gulf. It was the biggest naval battle in history. Japan in its last hopes to dislodge MacArthur, they started using Kamikaze pilots. In the end Japan lost most of its aircraft and close to all of its warships. Japan was unsuccessful.

6. Explain the American strategy in defeating the Japanese in the Pacific.

-American strategy in defeating the Japanese in the Pacific was to cut off supply ships on their way to bring necessary materials to Japan by sinking them. Then America bombed Japanese industries and dropped incendiary bombs on cities.

7. What happened to Japanese-Americans during World War II?

-After the attack on Pearl Harbor panic rose and people began to suspect Japanese-Americans would help Japan get into the U.S. Then President Roosevelt had all those who were Japanese or of Japanese descent on the west coast evacuated