The Scopes Trial

February 4th, 2004

English 9A honors

The trial of the state of Tennessee, in the city of Dayton, against Mr. John Scopes was a trial that would not be forgotten by most people. The trial was a rivalry that scientific theory had against the bible, a rivalry that went back as far as the origins of life. The defendant John Scopes, a school teacher of Dayton, Tennessee, had thought his students Evolution.

Evolution was the scientific theory, by Charles Darwin, that said Earth, life and Man was created over eons of years. It said that all life mutated from a simpler life form, he said that humans came from monkeys, which was why the trial was sometime referred to as the “monkey trial”.

Another theory, Creationism was the Bible’s theory of life; it said that Earth, life ad Man was created in a seven day period. It said Man was made in the image of god, and that all other life forms were made complete as they are today with no changes as the way they were put on Earth from the beginning.

In the state of Tennessee, where it was illegal for a teacher to teach his or her class Evolution, only Creationism, but this conflicted wit h the bill that said Americans had the right to freedom of speech, but that was not the issue in this case, the issue was John Scopes had thought his class a theory which was subject to penalty by law. Defending John Scopes was Clarence Darrow, and the prosecutor was Williams Jennings Bryant.

The people of Dayton had hatred on the defendants, mainly because they insulted man kind by saying he came from a simpler species, the monkey, and that these men went against the bible. The trial was held July 10th 1925, the jury was made up of a majority of Dayton citizens, and therefore the jury was a majority of Creationism supporter’s. The trial had an obvious outcome. The bible won over the scientific theory eventually and the people of Dayton kept believing that Earth, life and Man was made in seven days, and so on, and so the world kept spinning.