The Sacrilege: Caesar A Political Mastermind

Throughout the book "The Sacrilege," Caesar evolved from a political
nothing, to a political mastermind. It is easy to see his progress through the
eyes of a character by the name of Decius. He helps use to realize that Caesar
wanted three main things in this scheme. He desired money, some military men,
and finally a consulship. To get what he wanted, Caesar had to be smart,
powerful, and a little sneaky. Decius changes his views on how he views Caesar
through a series of events throughout the story. Decius gains respect for
Caesar and so does every else who has seen Caesar in action.
At first, Decius doesn\'t believe that Caesar will amount to much in his
lifetime. He believes that Caesar would rather live a luxurious and relaxed
life. Although Caesar didn\'t think so. Burra, who thought that Caesar would be
brilliant if he enlisted and controlled a legion, was exactly correct. Caesar,
as history as shown, is a brilliant leader. Caesar believed that by leading you
must not just make a plan, you must carry it out with his own manpower. He was
always on his horse leading his pack through the bloodshed, not like many other
When Decius was talking to Milo towards the beginning of the story he
says that Caesar is known for being "reckless." He recounts the story of the
pirates that captured him. Also in that conversation, Decius puts down Caesar
because he says that Caesar has no money and that even as Pontifex Maximus, he
still doesn\'t have any money. So he thinks less of Caesar when Milo tells him
about a huge loan from Crassus to Caesar because he couldn\'t pay off his debts.
Decius starts to gain respect for Caesar when he makes the announcement,
as Pontifex Maximus, to label the "heinous" crime a "sacrilege." Caesar walks
so seriously and confidently people "lose their stony faces" when Caesar arrives.
Although when Caesar makes the remark of "Caesar\'s wife must be above
suspicion," Decius is the first person to burst out laughing. He loses some of
the respect for Caesar that he will later notice.
Then Decius comes to a point where is gains full respect for Caesar.
When Clodius is chasing him down, and they end up fighting each other in hand to
hand combat, Caesar breaks in. At that point Decius says that he realizes how
Caesar is able the manipulate people and break up crowds like "the parting of
the sea." Caesar holds a very powerful position, Pontifex Maximus, which means
that no blood can shed before his eyes. So when Clodius and Decius stop to
listen to Caesar\'s little speech, Decius is amazed at the seriousness, integrity,
and powerful Caesar.
Finally, Decius realizes that Caesar is a very bright man when he asks
for the evidence. Caesar doesn\'t know what it is, but he knows there is
something that has caused all this commotion, so he asks for it.
So through a series of events, some maybe not mentioned, Decius gains
respect for Caesar. He realizes that Caesar holds a powerful position, is very
intelligent, and can command a legion with great success. Decius underestimated
Caesar at the beginning of this story, but now understands well the power of
Caius Julius Caesar.

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