The Russian Times

The New Economic Policy Stirs The Bolsheviks

In 1921, Lenin made the New Economic Policy. This policy was better known as NEP. In this policy Lenin allowed more agriculture and small companies. Lenin made the NEP because “war communism” was such a failure. The policy had great success. It helped bring Russia out of its economical problems from the war.

However, the other members of the Bolshevik party did not agree with Lenin’s New Economic Policy. They believed that it went against Marxist ideas and was going back to capitalist ways. They thought of it as betraying the communist party and contradicting the efforts they made for their rise to the top. The only reason NEP stayed was because Lenin lived. When Lenin died the New Economic Policy died with him.

Lenin’s Take Over

By: Amanda Dean

Lenin’s first attempt to take over was when he was handing out illegal pamphlets.Then he was starting a revolution paper but unfortunatley he was arrested and exiled to Siberia.Then in 1917 the perfect time for the communist revolution came. In March of that year some workers started to revolt.However there was a major problem. Lenin was still in Siberia. Lenin solved that problem by making a deal with Germany. The deal was that if he got back safely then he would take Russia out of the war.

Once in Russia, Lenin convinced the Bolshevik party to attack the provisional government in November 1917.This attack was the end of the provisional government and the beginning of communisim. Lenin at first was terrible. He executed people that he thought would kill him and the economy was the same as it was under the czar. The Whites (loyalists) were fighting Lenin’s Red army. This made Lenin form the War Communism Policy. This made all the grain from the farms go straight to the Red Army. This Policy went on until 1921.Then he made the New Economic Policy and his power started to make sense.