The Russian Revolution

The Russian revolution all started in 1917 because Russia was low on food. The workers went on strike for bread. They also wanted the war to end and, wanted to get rid of the czar. There were riots starting all over the country of Russia. Czar Nicholas II wanted the troops to stop the strikes and riots, but the troops took sides with the workers. The troops would no longer protect the czar. The people of Russia did not want to be run by communism. They wanted to have a democracy. Czar Nicholas II and czarina Alexandra didn’t care about the hard lives the people of Russia where living. The made people wait in line to get some bread. The workers finally overthrew the czar. Czar Nicholas II tried to give up his throne to his brother named Michael but he declined. The Duma made a temporary government since the no longer had a czar. A guy named Lenin took over. He was different from czar Nicholas II because Lenin ran a democracy and Nicholas II ran a communism.


Social studies the world book

Harcourt Brace

Pg. 575-576 revolution!