The purpose of this paper is to consider the current capabilities and attributes of the arcade credit vending machine at the Chinatown Fair Family Fun Center, a fully loaded arcade center within Chinatown with Dace Dance Revolution, Role Playing Shooting games, basketball shooting and much more. In order to play the games in the arcade, guests must purchase an arcade card through the Arcade Card Vending machine. Through this artifact, guests are able to purchase a new card and fill it up with credits or they may refill their arcade card if they already have one from their previous visit. After careful observation of consumers using the card vending machine, we consider ways in which the machine could be redesigned to include new features and functionality and document the requirements for the new digitally augmented machine.

1. Description of the Setting
There are at least 30 arcade game machines within the Chinatown Fair Family Fun Center, located at 8 Mott Street in Chinatown, New York City. Each arcade game (Dance Dance Revolution 2014, Air Hockey, Guitar Hero, Photobooth, etc.) requires you to use credits from your Arcade Card to play. You can purchase/reload the Arcade Cards at the kiosk. You can also use the artifact to check card balance and update details on the card. Once you've purchased your preferred number of credits, you go over to any of the available arcade games and swipe your arcade card to begin playing. There is only one artifact, and lines can get very long as the venue is popular amongst tourists.

1. 1 Structure of the System
Every patron at the Chinatown Fair must purchase an Arcade Card that they may retain and refill as needed. Select the choice to purchase a new card, reload your card, check your balance, or make adjustments to the details of your card. If you are purchasing a new card, select ‘Purchase' and choose the number of cards you need (ranging from 1-6). Then select how much credit you would like to upload into your card. $10 gets you 40 credits and you can upload up to 600 credits for $100. The number of credits each game requires in order for a user to play it varies depending on the game. If you are a returning patron wishing to reload your card, you will be taken to a screen where they ask you to swipe your card to check the balance. You can either choose to reload that card or check balances on a separate card. Once you've selected your choice of credits, you will be taken to the payment screen. You can pay with your debit or credit card, in which case you would select the ‘debit/credit' option and complete the transaction on the credit card machine attached to the artifact. Note that the credit/debit machine is a separate entity attached to the arcade card artifact; however, if you choose to pay for your credits with cash, you can insert cash directly into the artifact.

1.2 Current User Experience
The overall user experience should be similar to that of a regular ATM or MTA vending machine. Most users reload one card multiple times, initially unsure of how much credits they may need. First time users spend a lot of time staring at the machine, but still end up making mistakes along the way. The most prominent of these mistakes is not selecting a method of payment before going through with the method of payment. For example, often patrons would go directly to attempting to insert cash into the machine without selecting that they wish to pay for their credits using cash. Users do not take time to carefully read out the on-screen instructions when purchasing.
There is also a card-reading machine attached to the artifact that is meant to intake information regarding the arcade card, but patrons confuse this card reader for the credit card-reader. Overall time it takes for someone to process a transaction on the machines is four minutes. There is only one machine available making it difficult for consumers to comfortable read the instructions, fearing the people on line may get impatient. Sometimes, customers get frustrated and leave the machine without completing their transaction. This may