The project that we did was on Spike Lee. This topic was a very interesting one. When we first started I didn\'t realize just how much work there was to do but luckily we started early enough t get every thing done. Me and my partner Lindsay Clarke found the PowerPoint part to be the most interesting. I took a course in the first year so it wasn\'t that hard to do.
The part of the project that I found to be the hardest would have been trying to find all of the references. I found this t be very teedest because it seamed that all the information was very similar or the same at each site. In the future I would recommend not as many resorces.
Our group would come to the library when ever we had time, some times we would look for hours and not find a single thing on the internet and other times it would be like hitting the jackpot and find tones of stuff. When looking for book at the Saint Francis Xavier library we found this a bit more difficult. There were not very many listing on Spike Lee, you will notice this in our bibliography.
The people at the library were very helpful and polite. A few of our friend also had some information on this topic which helped out a lot. I also gave my mother a call as well, she is a big movie freak she had a little information but nothing major.
Personally I really enjoyed doing this assignment. I found it to be very helpful with improving my computer skills and it was fun hanging out with my partner. I found this project to be not like any others when its just straight work like writing a paper. It was more interactive when people and a privilege to do.
In the future I would recommend this assignment very highly.

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