The Pigman

9I Period 2

I choose to write my essay today on friendship shown in, The Pigman. In this essay I will compare John and Lorraine’s differences in family and attitudes as well as their marks, behavior, and personalities at school and outside of school.

My first opinion will compare John and Lorraine’s differences in family and attitude. There is a lot of differences. John’s dad is an recovered alcoholic and he smokes which leads him to anger problems if he does not have a smoke for a while. His mother Mrs. Conaln is a neat freak. She never allows John to touch anything. These two things can drive a person insane. Lorraine’s parents on the other hand Mrs. Jensen is really critical she always called her fat and ugly. Also she does not want Lorraine to date any guys because she believes guys only have on thing on their mind. When I bring this conclusion I feel that they both do not have the best parents. But as John may not struggle from a little more than Lorraine is always there for him when he is there for her.

At school John is a rebel and Lorraine is just some there. I feel with John’s attitude and choices I really don’t know how they are friends. I feel Lorraine would hang out with a bookworm or the chess club. I really don’t know how they make out at school so well. I really don’t understand because they would hang out with two total opposite groups. But they always make time for each other.

John is rebel, conservator and a persawyer. He is a rebel because he does not care what people think and he does bad things such as the nickname, “Bathroom Bomber” or writing on the desk. He is a conservator because he wants everything his own way. He is also a persawyer because he will fight for his right for when he wanted to kiss Lorraine he fought with her till he got it. If you have a bad reputation or a cocky attitude it does not get you as many friends, as you would like to have. If you have this attitude which Lorraine does not resemble to at all I don’t understand how they are good friends.

Lorraine is pretty, kind, sweet and a caring person. Total opposite of John. She is kind because she wanted to help Mr.Pignati when he had a heart attack on the roller skates because she felt bad and she blamed it all on herself and than John did not feel bad at all. She is sweet because all the kind and nice things she say compared to John and his cursing. Lorraine is caring because she felt bad also for the prank phone call that they made looking for donations for the L&J. She was the one that made the kind nice apologize to Mr.Pignati. I feel she has all the qualities a good friend would have. Maybe that’s why they are such good friends.
This means a lot because John is a non-caring rebel and Lorraine is a caring teachers pet. This is says that opposites do attract and that they will stay friends till the end. I feel that if you are total opposite you have different points of view, which you both can contribute. This means that they can hold it up as one is a teacher’s pet (taking care of everything) and a rebel (destroying everything). As I found out in the novel they both act differently in the same situations. I feel if they had to agree on one thing they couldn’t.

If I were to be in one of their shoes I would say they are best friends falling in love more every time they see each other. I do believe you need to have trust which they both have on each other, for an example when John wanted to kiss Lorraine, she trusted him not to tell anyone that it happened. I feel that they shouldn’t fall in love because it is going to ruin their friendship. If I were they I would take back the time and waited until they were dating because it is just