The Philosophy of Truth Making You Free

There exists a philosophy that, the truth will make you free. For example,
exposing a conspiracy that does yourself and others harm can only set you free
from further harm and related mischief. Whether or not the conspirators are the
criminals of society or the highest branches of our own government. Injustice
spreads like a virus and it needs to be stopped while there is still a way. The
effects of such an act can only free us and make us more aware of such
Moreover, a conspiracy spawned by criminals in society, to cause harm,
will no doubt enslave the public both mentally and physically. The society will
see the injustice happening but will not know from where it is being caused.
This effect will be expressed in the sort of decisions they make and company
they keep. A more defensive society cannot feel free until the conspiracy is
brought to light, that is until the truth is told and the harm is stopped,
society cannot be free.
Furthermore, a harmful conspiracy in the highest levels of our
governments prevents freedom on a greater scale. If the truth cannot be found in
the government that we elect, then what hope have we for progress. Mistrust and
suspicion will be the tools of this brand of enslavement. If the truth is
revealed then the uncovered conspiracy will free the public from the secrets and
lies and in essence keep the government honest.
First, the truth will make you free, is an irresponsible statement. To
reveal the truth is not necessarily the best solution to a conspiracy. When you
make the public aware of all that goes on whether it be what the criminals are
up to or the high officials of governments, then a little knowledge causes a lot
of unnecessary panic. A public with a truthful knowledge of what criminals have
been doing will become paranoid beyond belief. They become defensive and
suspicious of every person. That is how the truth can make you a prisoner of
your own devising.
Also, when this harmful conspiracy in the higher levels of society
becomes known, then a little truth can cause a lot of harm. The issues that the
government deals with are of such great consequence that, they will have to make
unpopular decisions and even make unscrupulous deals and from the products of
this practice, the public in turn will cause an unparalleled uproar that would
tear the fabric that holds a society together, if they knew the truth. Therefore
the truth cannot make you free, because the truth can do more harm than good.
Next is the statement, man is condemned to be free. That is that man is
free to ruin the world. Everyone has the choice of doing something helpful or
harmful in their everyday life. We are free to make others suffer and life a bit
harder than it already is now. The freedom that runs rampant in society allows
hate groups to form and march. It ties the hands of our officials and policemen
from protecting us all in the name of freedom. We are condemning ourselves to a
place that allows almost anyone to get weapons and the most unscrupulous people
into our government because they were free to sling mud at their opponent.
Therefore man is condemned by freedom because the fight for freedom is ongoing
and the more we try to restrict harmful behavior, the more rules are established
to get in the way of enforcement.
First, it is unthinkable that man can be condemned to be free. Man has
made great efforts to make the world better by spreading freedom. The freedom
to choose what is right for you is the most fundamental freedom that exists.
Rather than being weighed down by restriction of what you can and cannot do with
your life man has the freedom to decide on it's own. It is because anyone can
run for office in government that we are free, life is not decided for us. We
have the freedom to make a mistake and the freedom of whether we want to learn
from it. This can only free a society, not condemn it. A world does not become
ruined by making those who enforce the law use a bit of human decency when
dealing with those people whom have made bad decisions. Laws and regulations are
made to stop injustice, they should not be an excuse to infringe on another
person's life. Therefore the idea that man is condemned to free is