The Philippines and The United States

The Philippines and the United States are very two populated place but
still very different in many ways. The United States has more job opportunities
than the Philippines. So, there more successful people in America today.

In the Philippines, the percentage of arable land is 34% mean there is
plenty of manufactured goods, clothing, and lumber there. The birth rate is 35.9
per 1,000 population per year. The death rate is 7.8 per 1,000 population per
year. In the Philippines, most households have maids to do there chores. The
house owners work so many hours a day that they need house sitter that will
take care of the house and kids. The population in the Philippines is around
59.9 Million which is fairly large for the land capacity of the Philippines . At
the Philippines, there are 15 telephones per 1,000 population and 114
televisions per 1,000 population. The Philippines exports manufactured goods,
clothing and lumber while they import petroleum products, machinery, and raw
materials. Also in the Philippines, there are a lot of young people compared to
the United States. 42% of the population is under 15. At the Philippines,
females live to an average of 65.5 years old while the men live to an average of
61.8 years old.

The United States is a hole different place in many ways. The population
of the united states is around 248.7 Million. The United States Exports
Machinery, food(Miscellaneous), and Chemicals. And they import Petroleum,
petroleum products, and motor vehicles. People in the United states tend to live
longer than the people in the Philippines. Females live around to the age of
78.3 while the males live around to the age of 71.4. There are 769 telephones
per 1,000 population and 769 televisions per 1,000 population. There is 21%
arable land in the United states. Many people have moved to the United States
seeking for a better life. At the United states, there are 3,679,192 square
miles of land. The birth rate is around 16 per 1,000 population per year. And
the death rate is around 8.7 per 1,000 population per year.

Now know this information, The United States and the Philippines are two
very different places to live. I, my self, have been to the Philippines and
experienced how people live there. I found it very hard to live there because of
the hot and humid weather. But the sites you can go to are just unlimited.

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