The Perfect Vacation

January 30th 2004

The best place to spend a vacation is in the Bahamas. The most important reason for choosing the Bahamas as a vacation resort is due to its crisp, clean, pollution free beach, the white, trash free sand and clear blue water. A person visiting the Bahamas will enjoy the clean beach in which they can lie down on and relax. A visitor can take a nice swim in the ocean with out being hit by trash and being able to feel the smooth water. Also the temperature in the Bahamas is around 80 degrees and warmer. I personally enjoy these warm temperatures because it gives me a chance to do a lot of outdoor activities such as basketball. Tourists will enjoy their stay as they experience the warm temperatures, cloud free and blue skies. Furthermore the Bahamas is far from modern technologies, by this I mean new sports cars and such, houses filled with TVís, etc. Visitors will enjoy this as it will give them a chance to explore the beautiful scenery such as the coconut trees and grass filled fields. Visitors will have a chance to do some outdoor activities instead of being surrounded by TVís and other activities indoors; this will bring out the real beauty of the Bahamas, a paradise island.