The Perfect Image

Abstract: This paper looks at self-esteem related to body image. Our culture tells us there is a certain body type that women and also men need to have. When that body is not achieved then bodily issues emerge. This paper looks at the different parts of self-esteem and how they affect everyone, including young girls. We will go over what happens from having problems with your body, to what causes them, and also to what helps decrease them.
Eating disorders in the United States has recently become a high topic of discussion. There are around 10 out of 100 teens and young adult females suffering from eating disorders. The problem with our society today is that no one understands anything about eating disorders and what causes them. Self-esteem plays a huge role in how a person takes care of their body. People react to it in many different ways but it all comes back to the fact that self-esteem plays an important role in people's lives.
Growing up, young girls play with their dolls and dress them as if themselves. They fantasize about wanting to be just like them because that's what they have been told growing up. Eating disorders are an effect from trying to be someone else or from trying to uphold an image. Eating disorders can start young even when they aren't realized until they're older. A Barbie doll and a G.I. Joe action figure are the perfect example. When young, parents tend to give their children toys like Barbie dolls and G.I. Joe action figures. A Barbie doll is a modal of a tall, skinny, pretty girl with big boobs. A Barbie is an ideal perfect body for a girl. A G.I. Joe figure is of a handsome, tall, muscular athletic man. Both of these dolls leave children with the impression that they have to be like this because their parents gave them the toys. Many children slowly start to diet to try and obtain this "perfection" in our world. We tell children that this is what we should look like. Then as they grow older and they're body changes, there can be a doubt in self-esteem. This doubt can mess with someone's mind to make them to things to feel better. Some might exercise and eat better while other might open the doors to an eating disorder.
The article "Body Image and Alcohol Use in Women" by Cathryn Holzhauer, looks at college men and women to see if body image and self-esteem play a role in how much someone drinks. There were two studies done to test their theory of body image and alcohol consumption. The results were not shocking at all. The results showed that women with poor body image and also high expressiveness expectancies had higher weekly alcohol consumption than men and also women with good/high body image. There were actually no interactions noticed for men (Holzhauer, 2015), meaning that body image and alcohol consumption has no correlation to men. This article is just one example of how one's self-esteem directly affects their life.
Body image and self-esteem are sometimes vastly underrated at the importance they play in people's lives. They control a big part of how we think and act in everyday situations. Body image and self-esteem also play a huge role in how we act towards our self. If someone has a poor body image and self-esteem then it could cause them to hurt themselves physically. Examples of this would be anorexia, bulimia, attempted suicide, alcohol consumption, and many more. This is just the beginning of how body image and self-esteem play such a huge role in our lives.
When people discuss body image and self-esteem issues, usually women are on the front line being targeted. The last article even helped agree with that statement by saying that women are the ones who drink more because of poor body image while men had no correlation. While all that seems to suggest men don't have these types of issues, that is an incorrect statement. Now we are going to look at it from the male's side of view. The article "What about men? Social comparison and the effects of media images