The Pearl: Summary

The novella The Pearl is a story about greed , corruption, and good
against evil. The story starts out with a poor indian pearl diver named Kino,
who lives on the Baja penninsula . He lives with his wife Jauna and there son
Coyotito. they live a simple life until coyotito is stung by a scorpion. Kino
takes the baby to the rich doctor who will not treat him because they are poor.
So Kino gets into his boat to find a pearl. He finds a pearl "the size of a
seagull egg" , and they think there trouble is over.


Kino and Jauna ultimatly have to go to the capital to trade their pearl in. Some
trackers follow them to get the pearl. What insues is a chase through the
mountains ending up with the death of Coyotito. Finally , they come back home
and destroy the pearl forever.


this book has a good message about greed and humans. It tells us it is human
nature to want what someone else has.

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