The Patriots

The Patriots are by far the best football team in the United States for many reasons. First of all, they have the best defense in the United States. This is proved by their record which is 14-2. They have to have a good defense to keep their record going, and to stop the other teams from scoring. Also, they have the longest winning streak in the NFL history of twelve games because their defense is so good. Secondly, along with their defense they have a very good offense. This year, both their running and passing game has been very good. For example, one game I can remember from a few weeks ago they won, 31-0. This was all because of their very good offense and excellent defense. Also, their running game has been extremely good. They would be getting an average of ten yards on rushing plays. Lastly, they were voted the most likely to win the Super Bowl in many states. For instance, in Las Vegas they have the highest odds of making it to and winning the Super Bowl for the past 5 years. In conclusion, the Patriots are by far the best football team in America.