the Paper Chase

The most famous quote in the movie, "The Paper Chase", would have to be when Kingsfield says, "You\'ll come in here with a scull full of mush and leave thinking like a lawyer."
This movie should teach a high school student that going to college demands a lot more than the "easy street" they\'ve been riding in high school.
The movie teaches that you need to be able to put up with the arrogance of the rich and uppity people that attend an Ivy League school. They are very expensive and most students come from wealthy families.
"The Paper Chase" teaches the viewer that law school is very stressful; it is a way of life not just going to school; and you must have what it takes just to survive law school.
The things I liked most about Mr. Kingsfield was well organized, and that he was a difficult teacher. Difficult teachers usually make you learn for yourself.
The only things I didn\'t like about Mr. Kingsfield were that he was rude to his students and that he didn\'t remember anyone’s face without the seating chart.
The name, "The Paper Chase", most likely came from the pursuit of receiving a diploma in law. All of the students strived for their diplomas throughout the movie.
Hart possessed many characteristics that helped him be successful at Harvard. Among these were: endurance, will power, and respect for his professors.
I liked Ford best out of all the students. He had most of the characteristics needed to survive Harvard, but also kept his sense of humor.

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