The Opportunity

As stuffed animals (plush toys) are found in many households, whether it be due to a younger child or for female adolescents, the co-owners of Fuzzlez has realized that the market may desire a plush toy because of a recent trend. Uniqueness is becoming a new fashion, targeting their main audience of young children. The style is unique/distinctive in the sense that the market is beginning to use an item/product to express their own personality, lifestyle, mood, etc.

Fuzzlez creates unique plush dolls that targets mainly female consumers. Due to the new trend, it increases the spectrum of the market dramatically. The partnership has realized that there is an opportunity in the market to sell their plush toys. Their enterprise expresses uniqueness and custom orders will play an important role in the venture.

Fuzzlez plush toys are made with exceptional care, using the finest quality fleece available, and extreme detail to every single seam in their plush toys. The customers will have the opportunity to purchase merchandise of excellent workmanship at the annual 2004 IBT Trade Show.

Fuzzlez’s creativity is well reflected in the products; providing clients with multi-purpose products. Since the plush toys are fairly large, it may be used as a pillow, a great gift idea or decorations for a room/car.

Stated earlier in this document, the enterprise will work towards providing the market with high quality plush toys at a practical cost. This will result in creating as much profit as possible at the Trade Show. Keeping in mind that Fuzzlez are not only created to give full customer satisfaction with their products, but as a profitable company. Fuzzlez is determined to achieve a substantial amount of profit. For that reason, success can also be proven in a business with the amount of profit made and the amount of inventory sold. Knowing that a successful company is only victorious when they continuously set realistic goals, Fuzzlez is determined to accomplish a certain amount of profit. Although success is a word with numerous meanings due to different opinions, Mr. Kim and Miss. Adamsky believe that success in business is not only how much you profit but also quality of product is another measurement of success. Consequently, with the amount of inventory sold and keeping good quality control within the products, this will guarantee success.

The owners of Fuzzlez have taken this opportunity in the IBT Trade Show to work towards a common goal – to become successful entrepreneurs. With the opportunity of the Trade Show given to the partnership, if the owners are able to work their best and strive for success, then it will be inevitable that success will follow.

The Market

Fuzzlez has chosen to create a venture producing plush toys based on the fact that plush toys are commonly found in many households due to younger children or female adolescents. However, prior to the fact that younger children enjoy these plush toys, the co-owners of Fuzzlez have come to realize that the new trend has become the uniqueness of individuality. The style is unique in the sense that the market is beginning to use a product to express their personality, lifestyle, mood, etc. Due to this new trend, this has amplified the spectrum of the market dramatically. This results in consumers decorating their personal space with plush toys. According to each consumer’s taste, Fuzzlez enterprise has created different types of plush toys. Although uniqueness has become a new trend, the biggest market is still children and female adolescents. Not all adolescents like plush toys. So simply put, the main target would be 1 year olds to 7 years of age. From ages 1 to 7, the plush toys’ market will initially be both genders. Despite this, since the consumers vary in age, from ages 8 to 18, the main target will ultimately be the female market. An exception to the expected market would be males buying their product for his mother as the partnership offers Mother’s Day specials, such as the heart plush toys.

The location of the market is within Allan A. Martin Senior Public School and the surrounding community. Each partner has created marketing pieces (Television commercial, website pop-up/ peripherals, billboard, magazine ad, etc) but given that they will only be displayed at school,