The role OFT is to:

- Identify trading practices which are against consumer interests

- Put these right, wherever possible

- Regulate the provision of consumer credit

- Investigate and remedy activities by industry and commerce which are against the interest of consumers such as fixing prices or limiting supply of an item

The OFT also produces a consumer magazine called Fair Trading

Explanation - The Office of Fair Trading investigates activities such as fixing prices or limiting the supply of an item. It is also a national organization concerned with consumer protection.

Example - I bought a Rockport jacket from a new shop in town called Sports Soccer in Leeds which was for £99.99 , and I went to Sheffield and I saw another branch of Sports Soccer rand I went in and I saw the same jacket as mine and it was for £79.99, and I asked to see that manager and I spoke to him and told him that I had bought that jacket yesterday and I paid £20 more, he told me to go and speak to the manager of the other shop which was in Leeds, I went back and they told me that one of the Managers told me that one of their employees had been putting prices up, and was sacked and