The Night From Silence

I lay in bed in such silence that not even the sound of whistling grass in the early morning breeze was herd, nor the rubbing of branches against the old tin shed that lay lonely in the shadow of the moonlight at the back of the yard.

Suddenly out of all the silence I hear a car come screaming around the corner at a 100 miles per hour, and then a faint siren in the distant coming towards the screaming car. I looked at my clock 5:48am. I thought to myself don’t people have anything better to do at this time of the night it was almost dawn.

Those so distant sounds of sirens came screaming around the corner of ‘Shades Avenue” which was the road that we lived on since I was a little kid, 10 years actually. The screeching tyres of the run-away car came flying around that same corner once again, screeching and squealing the night away, that hot engine under the hood sounded as if it needed a rest. Smash there was a huge noise that sounded as if a truck that transported glass had just had an accident, bit like the sound of something collapsing or giving way with huge force that made a horrific sound.

I looked out my bedroom window to see what had happened. I saw the car that the police where chasing rapped around the tree steaming and smashed. “OHH NO” I thought to myself what am I going to do? Should I go and see if they are ok? Should I………. I know, I ran out of my bedroom, slide around the corner-yelling DAD, DAD straight into his room with the burning sensation on the bottom of my feet. At that time the noise of the accident had woken him and he was sitting at the end of his bed preparing to get up into the coldness of early dawn and see what all the emotion was all about. What son, WHAT? What was that banging noise that woke me? There’s a, there’s a………….. I couldn’t tell him I was to scared, what son, WHAT? Spit it out he said to me what is it? I finally came out with it, there was a car rapped around a tree outside our front yard, WHAT he replied” yeah I said with shock.

We walked outside and dad saw the car rapped around the tree “BLOODY HELL” he said when he had a clear view of the reck of the car. Wait there he said” So I waited at the front gate while dad was investigating the reck of the accident. Even though I couldn’t see anything I still felt the smell of death drifting towards me and becoming stronger and stronger. ‘AMBULANCE’, ‘AMBULANCE’ dad yelled from the other side of the street, Ben go and get an ambulance quick… I bolted straight inside to dial 000 and for some reason even after seeing the reck of the car couldn’t explain to the operator what had happened. “Calm down”, Calm down” the operator insisted, I took a deep breath and tried to explain the situation and the assistance that would be required.

After speaking to the operator and explaining what had happened I walked slowly back out the front to see if dad was coping, I see him lying against the car in tears, I say dad what’s happened why are you in tears from the other side of the street. Stay their son he replies. What is it dad I yell across the street to try and get a reply? He screams at the top of his voice stay the bloody hell there ‘Ben’ don’t come over here.

I took his advice and stayed at the other side of the street until help came which wasn’t long after the call, which was maid from me like 4 minutes before hand, but that 4 minutes was the longest of my life. “You know when something really exciting happens or you just want things to speed up so that whatever you are nervous about or scared about will just be over in a split second, but seems to drag on for what it feels to be a