The Matrix
Everyone in “the Matrix” is impressionable and all characters seam treacherous, no one can be trusted. The opening scenes introduce Trinity and Agent Smith, although we don’t know who she is, or what side she fights for, we know she is fighting the system, a rebel trying to be free in a way. Agent Smith is a representative of the system, of what it seams, Trinity spends her life fighting. Agent Smith shows no remorse when he tells the sergeant “your men are already dead”, showing us that he does not value their life, and gives us the sense that he would have no trouble in killing them himself, thus implying his traitorous tendencies.

From the first time we meet Cypher we instantly notice his impurity, we see he does not care, or even pretend to notice anything special about Neo. On the phone to Trinity at the very beginning of the film, she asks if the line is tapped, with a hint of fear in her voice, but he doesn’t even give it a second thought, even though it could put her life in danger. Cypher is willing to trade civilization and the real worlds only hope, Neo, to the machines for a steak dinner, and to forget all about what he has done. He betrays the people who “unplugged him”, who showed him the truth of the world without a second thought. Trinity = “He freed us Cypher” Cypher = “Free. You call this free.” Knowing the truth, he happily makes a deal with the enemy to destroy all the living people in Zion as well as onboard the Nebuchadnezzar. Cypher is the true traitor in “the Matrix”, he is the typical image of the evil traitor, doing what he does for personal gain, at his friends expense, as with the object of his affection, Trinity. “I never remember you bringing me dinner”.

The Oracle helps Morpheous and the rest of the free world by telling them their near future, and telling them of the choices that will determine their fate. However, the Oracle is a machine, she has been outcasted by the machines by her choice to help Neo, helping Neo end the war between the machines and the free world. She knows very well the repercussions of her actions, knowing it will turn her life into a circus, forever running from the machines that will try to delete her program. The Oracle is a good character despite being a traitor, she betrayed her creators to stop the fighting between the races, ending the needless deaths of both sides. The Oracle ends our views of traitors constantly being a bad or evil character, she does this by her laid back way of dealing with things, knowing how things work, knowing her part and purpose, and knowing when to help and when to stand back. She tells Neo only what he needs to know to realize he is the one, she does not just straight out tell him that he is.

Agent Smith breaks the rules of the Matrix, and his own creators, the machines, hunt him for deleting. He goes against his own kind for personal gain, to run the matrix and to destroy Neo on his own. He breaks the rules of speed, sound and gravity to do so. Breaking these rules is unforgivable in the matrix. Agent Smith is a moral citizen, following orders at the start of the film, before his speed if increased when he fights Neo in the final scenes. At the start of the film, he follows Trinity breaking only a few rules such as when they jump the roofs, but as the film progresses we see the characters of the Nebuchadnezzar realize this change and fear for their lives, rather than the normal running from the agents, they try to avoid going into the matrix completely. In the final installment of the “Matrix”, we see that the machine responsible for creating all machines prefers to destroy Agent Smith and make peace with the humans than destroy Neo himself, even though Neo cannot live without his exact opposite.

“The Matrix” does show most characters as traitors, but some such as the Oracle do it for the good of the world as a whole,