The Man Who Fell to Earth
1st hour


The Man Who Fell to Earth is a book written by Walter Tevis. It is about an alien who lands on earth and must then get enough money and power to build a transport system on earth to get earthís water to his home planet. The movie The Man Who Fell to Earth was directed by Nicolas Roeg and has the same general plot.

One of the biggest differences was how the main character, Thomas Jerome Newton, actually went about making all of the money he needed. In the book, he started out by selling gold rings that he had in abundance when he landed on Earth. In the movie it doesnít really talk about how he first gets any money, it just goes right into him proposing his business idea to Mr. Farnsworth, a patent lawyer. Also, in the book, Mr. Farnsworth is way more involved in running of the company than he was in the movie. He was on location with Thomas and everything. Also, Thomasís reaction to failing was somewhat different in the book than the movie. In the book it seemed like he cared much more for his past life, and his family back on Anthia than it looked like he did in the movie.

Another large difference was that in the movie Thomas seemed much more dependant on Betty Jo, while in the book he seemed to rely on his best friend Bryce much more. In the movie he seemed more reliant on Betty Jo because his alcoholism plays a much bigger part, and she is the reason he drinks. In the movie he is more into business, which is why it seems like his relationship with Bryce is more important to him.

And lastly, in the end when the doctors blind him for life, the doctors were much different in the movie, they werenít working for the CIA in the book. And the head of the FBI was a much different character, he wasnít so neat and clean, and had a more meaningful relationship with Thomas.