The Lost World: Summary

The Lost World by Michael Crichton is a great science fiction novel
about a group of scientists of different fields that go on an expedition to an
island to bring back a rich and stubborn scientist from a test expedition that
he cared about more than his life.
The "lost world" is an island off the coast of Costa Rica called Isla
Sorna on which a company named InGen (Short for International Genetics Corps.),
genetically engineered and contrived dinosaurs which were extinct since 65
million years. This island was used as an incubator for the dinosaurs before
they were shipped to another island close by called Isla Nublar. Isla Nublar
was leased by InGen for a biological preserve for tourists to see the dinosaurs
at a certain cost. After a tremendous tragedy at Isla Nublar, the company went
bankrupt and destroyed Isla Nublar. They did not bother to mess with Isla Sorna
because of publicity reasons. For six years no one knew about this lost world.
Many times there were cases of large unknown animals at Costa Rica, but no one
found out what they actually were or where they had come from. A rich scientist
named Dr. Richard Levine performed research on some of these animals and found
some clues which led him to the lost island. He set out on a test expedition
with his colleague to find out exactly if he was on the right island. He missed
his boat back home to the states. So, he called his friend, Dr. Thorne with his
satellite phone and left a message asking him to come down to the island and get
on with the expedition. Dr. Thorne, Ian Malcolm, Dr. Sarah Harding , and two
kids that sneaked in with them, went to the island to rescue Dr. Levine and
explore the behaviors of the dinosaurs on the island. When they get to the
island, they find out that they aren\'t the only ones that were looking for
dinosaurs. Three men led by Dodgson from another genetics company called Biosyn,
were also there, looking for dinosaurs to open up their own theme park.
Many things go wrong on the island. Some of the people get too close to
the dinosaurs and they get into trouble, Sarah Harding takes a baby from the
Tyrannasaurus\'s nest because it looked sick and the mother comes looking for her
This island was lost by InGen for six years, and it was the only place
in the world that time had passed by. Since 65 million years, the dinosaurs
have been extinct. Now, on this island, real live dinosaurs are the rulers of
this lost world. This lost world was found by the humans that went on this
unusual expedition and found themselves in the middle of "a bird\'s nest." If no
one had ever "found" this world of chaos, then many people would have been
happier. The paleontologists will lose their jobs because they won\'t have to
dig for bones anymore. The museums would go bankrupt because everyone would see
the real dinosaurs rather than their bones. But many new jobs would also be
created. Many rich companies would create major theme parks featuring "The
Hopping Compy." There would be extra expeditions to the island by people who
would kidnap some dinosaurs to breed their own. There would also be many lives
lost because of the preciousness of the Tyrannasaurus Rex and the Velociraptor.
If some of these dinosaurs escaped, they would terrorize human existence. Then
once again, the world would be ruled by the maximum ferocious dinosaurs.
The lost world which was bound to be found , would have been better if
it didn\'t even exist. Many lives would have been saved. The possibility of
chaos in the world would not have existed. The human race would have been saved.
The "lost world" should have remained lost.

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