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Product: McAfee VirusScan for Windows95 (VirusScan95)
Version: 2.03
Document: WhatsNew.doc

This document is organized into two sections.
Section I covers technical specifics for this version of McAfee VirusScan95.
Section II covers some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about VirusScan95.

Section I

1. What\'s new for VirusScan95!
McAfee took the most popularly requested items in version 1.1 of VirusScan95 and implemented them in this new release. Here\'s what we did:

Added MS-DOS scanning component prior to loading Windows 95.
VirusScan95 now CLEANS MS Word macro infections.
Added the ability to scan the boot sector on local hard drives (enabled by default).
Added support for multiple scan targets (see FAQs under Section II below).
Added support for the "Scan in:" field to scan Local Drives as well as Network Drives.
Added support for scanning Word documents when launching from Word or Mail.
Added an AutoExit switch in VirusScan Configuration (VSC) files (see item 4
Enabled the ability for launching VirusScan95 in a minimized or maximized window by using shortcuts.
Installation directory defaults to "C:Program FilesMcAfeeVirusScan95".
To save disk space, the installation searches for previously installed versions of McAfee VirusScan95.
Detection rate updated to version 9605 definitions, including MS-Word document infections.

2. What\'s new for VShield 95!
McAfee has re-vitalized the classic VShield product for an entirely new generation of Windows products. McAfee\'s chief architect stated when asked, "We overhauled the entire product by dropping in a 32-bit engine, and a series of VXD modules then, gave the interface a completely new look & feel. Customers who are familiar with the older product will be completely amazed at the improvements and features we have added. New users will really enjoy how VShield has been seamlessly blended into the workings of Windows95."

Unlike its predecessor, VShield no longer relies on a DOS TSR; everything is done directly in the Windows95 environment. "We assembled customers\' feedback and attempted to develop a product which, we believe the customer really wants. In the marketplace, I believe McAfee will be the first to develop an on-access product which is completely independent of MS-DOS."

Here\'s what they did:
On Access scanning of floppy diskettes.
UNC aware.
Long file and directory name support.
Netware and MS-Network awareness.
Log file support with real-time logging.
Exclusions table.
Detection rate equivalent to existing products.

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