The Labours of Mendevolin



(HIGH PRIEST on stage right. Enter MENDEVOLIN stage left. HIGH PRIEST
crosses to centre stage to meet MENDEVOLIN there.)

MENDEVOLIN: High Priest Marchand!

HIGH PRIEST: Ahh Mendevolin, it is such a pleasure to see you again.

MENDEVOLIN: Let\'s disperse with the pleasantries. Take me to my father.

HIGH PRIEST: There are things you must know Mendevolin. Your father has not been
well. He has been slowly passing away for the last few months. This is why we have sent
for you.

MENDEVOLIN: He hinted at that in his letter. I came as soon as I could. How long do
we have?

HIGH PRIEST: Not long, he\'s on his death bed. I\'ve been using my healing powers to
keep him alive for the last week and a half. We have been waiting for your arrival.

MENDEVOLIN: Why didn\'t he say anything before I left?

HIGH PRIEST: He\'s a proud man, it took him months to even ask for my assistance. I\'m
sure that he wouldn\'t want his only son to have felt obligated to care for him. He respects
you a great deal and is proud to see you out working magic as he once did.

MENDEVOLIN: As much work as it may have been, it wouldn\'t have seemed a burden,
because it would have been spent with my father. Now it\'s too late. Please take me to
him now so that I might spend these last few moments of his life with him.

HIGH PRIEST: Come with me. He\'s resting in the basement of the church, you\'ll have to
make it quick, he doesn\'t have much longer.

(HIGH PRIEST and MENDEVOLIN exit stage right.)


(MENDEVOLIN\'S father lies on bed center stage. MENDEVOLIN enters stage left and
approaches his father.)

MENDEVOLIN: I came as soon as I heard. I\'m sorry it took so-----

FATHER: Don\'t worry, what\'s important is that you\'re here now. I have some news that
is going to shock you. It concerns your lineage and a burden which has been placed upon
this family. In regards to your lineage, I should tell you that....ahhhhh.....oh yes,lineage
Your great-great-great....well he was a great guy. A thousand years ago, an elven mage
of whom you are a descendant, cast----

MENDEVOLIN: What!!!!???? We\'re of elven descent, why did you never tell me? In
54 years, I would\'ve thought that you could\'ve mentioned it once!

FATHER: (Coughs) ......quiet, do you want to hear this or not? (silence) OK, good. As
I was saying.....what was I saying.....oh yes. Elven elven member of our
family gathered together a contingent of powerful mages from across the land nearly a
thousand years ago in an effort to repress the ultimate evil which threatened to sweep
over the land. That terrible beast known as Terresquay once rampaged across the land,
but with the help of his fellow mages, Thraltes of the Brook....did I mention he\'s an
ancestor of ours?

MENDEVOLIN: Yes you did, please.....?

FATHER: Right, right. Well, Thraltes of the Brook and his band of mages collaborated
on what has proven to be the most powerful spell cast in millenia. Using the wax from the
Contusion bees-----

MENDEVOLIN: Contusion Bees!?

FATHER: Yes, I didn\'t tell you about those either?

MENDEVOLIN: No, no you didn\'t.

FATHER: Well then....the Contusion bees are located on the Contusion Islands, their wax
was used to create the candle-----

MENDEVOLIN: Father, it would help if I had some specifics. (father coughs) tell me
more about the Contusion bees. How big are they, why is their wax so special and where
are the Contusion Islands

FATHER: All in good time my son. As I was saying before I was so rudely
interrupted..... (pause) the wax of the Contusion bees was used in making the candle
which serves as the focal point for the spell which has forced Terresquay from our realm.
The legendary Contusion bees were selected as the source for the wax due to its incredible
longevity. Once you have gathered the wax, forge a candle from it, take it to the diamond
mountain range and place it on the pedestal between the twin volcanoes.The contusion
bees are incredibly small, but don\'t doubt their deadliness for a second. They produce wax
only once every 1000 years and the time for gathering the wax is at hand. I was hoping to
do it myself, but (coughing fit).....look in the chest (gestures towards chest at head of bed)
take what is in there, it will help you in your journey. You must also