The Kerbs Cycle

The Kerbs Cycle, also known as TCA Cycle, Citric acid Cycle. The Kerbs Cycle is a series of nine reactions, which is in the 3rd stage of extracting energy from glucose. Pyruvate gives off CO2, changing it to Acetyl CO2. The Acetyl CO enters the Kerbs Cycle as a C2. It joins with ox-ylocactcte, forming citric acid C6. All of the nine reactions will give off CO2 as waste, and 3 where NAD+ absorbs it, and 1 where FAD absorbs H. From energy of succinyl COa, GDP becomes GTP and form one full ATP. The H taken by the Coenezmyes are passed to the ETC. One glucose will produce 6 NADH, 2 FAD H2, and 2 ATP.