The Kathy Lee Gifford Center of the Medical Arts



Due to the current changes in California state economy in 1995 Kathy Lee Gifford’s son Cody was not given quality service when Kathy “paid off” the security guards to let Cody, with a minor paper cut, into the hospital in front of 30 kids with serious injuries. Knowing Kathy’s large persona and outrageous personality, she caused a media frenzy when she donated over half of her lifetime savings to build a Hospital in Beverly Hills. This Hospital was to be cutting edge technology for the celebrity upper-class in the Hollywood Hills.

Although all of this is completely ridiculous we here at the Kathy Lee Gifford Center of the Medical Arts are extremely grateful to Ms. Gifford. At the Kathy Lee Gifford Center of the Medical Arts we are blessed with cutting edge medical technology and the funding to dwell further into the future of medicine in society.

We are a 400 bed, A+ hospital in the middle of Beverly Hills. For Kathy’s extensive research in the field of plastic surgery, we have the largest plastic surgical research facility in any semi-public hospital in the entire world. Since we have a large sum of money to pay our staff, we have gained the title of “friendliest hospital staff in California”.

Our facility is extremely sterile. 12 % of our total funds go towards the extensive cleanliness procedures we use before operating any equipment. We are one of 15 hospitals in the world who currently use air tight vacuum compartments to hold our equipment in over night. Most hospitals keep there equipment in drawers over night which leaves them prone to infection. Proper sterilization is an important key to our hospital’s success.

Since we all know Kathy Lee Gifford just adores children (Except for the children working in one of her 24 sweat shops located across the world, for 31 cents a day.) the Kathy Lee Gifford Center of the Medical Arts always considers child patients before that of adults. We are committed to keeping our youth our highest priority. Kathy also donated most of the money needed to build the special pediatric center in our hospital. The Cody Gifford Pediatric Center has been equipped with the newest of pediatric technologies. Such as new painless injections received by transporting cells of antibodies and pain medication by laser through the skin. We receive over 140 pediatric patients a day and this special part of the hospital makes sure they receive top medical care.

Our Radiology diagnosis center is one of a kind offering all kinds of new procedures such as advanced bone radiography (x-ray), magnetic resonance, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, cryotherapy, etc. Once again we are a leading hospital in the state within this field. Our patients truly matter to us.

Which is why our doctors are some of the finest money can afford. Kathy has some of the finest doctors, or medical artists as we like to call them, work at this hospital. Most have to fit a strict job description and are given extensive extra training giving them ability to service you, the patient, better than ever.

A normal 24 hour day at the Kathy Lee Gifford Center of the Medical Arts looks like a busy day at any normally owned business of our caliber. People come in with a problem and we offer them a solution whether it is product or procedure. We try our best to serve the community as fast and as effectively as possible. When the patient is satisfied or we have satisfied the patient they depart and we move on to the next. The difference between our hospital and most others is our ability to provide our customers with the finest luxuries making our hospital experience quite enjoyable. Unless of course you’re in serious pain.

The economy and planning department is responsible for economic analysis in order to decide on further budgeting plans. It also manages the accounting, and is charged with economic tasks for the hospital departments. This is important to make sure everything is accounted for and handled properly.

After Kathy was sued by the government for owning 24 sweat shops across the world, they decided she should repay them by