The K’nex-asuarus

The K’nex-asuarus, indigenous to Hasbro© and K’nex™ buildings as well as certain households, it is a ferocious and powerful beast. In this essay, you will read about this monster’s fierce and jaded past! So read on brave reader and prepare to be amazed!

In 1993, the creators of K’nex created a K’nex-asuarus for the Pennsylvania Museum of Natural History. But while they were trying to set it up, IT ESCAPED! Confused on why there weren’t any creatures like it, it set out to make another like it. Rummaging through abandoned K’nex factories, it used found parts to create another. The two K’nex-asuaruses returned to K’nex labs to get more parts. The K’nex team foresaw an invasion of gigantic proportions and captured the creatures with cages. They brought them back to K’nex Labs. The K’nex team removed the brain piece and mass produce the K’nex-asuarus for sale. Now there is a K’nex-asuarus reserve because those annoying Plastic Animal Rights activists wouldn’t shut up.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little essay I’ve written…BECAUSE I HAVENT! Do you know how long it took me to build that model?! THREE HOURS!!!!! This essay alone took about two! That’s five hours of hard work! I got imprints of K’nex on my thumbs and fingers. I hope you feel good about putting me through all this….