The Hutu and Tutsi Tribes In Rwanda

The Hutu and Tutsi\'s tribes of Rwanda have been at war for centuries.
The fighting began 5 centuries ago when the Tutsi a warrior tribe of Hamatic
origin invaded Rwanda from the North. The Hutu a peaceful tribe of farmers
could not defend themselves and were reduced to serfdom, each Hutu choosing a
Tutsi master.
In the 18 century the Hutu rebelled and took control of the government
and mistreated the Tutsi. The president a Hutu, Habyiberman, was accused of
being to lenient with the Tutsi\'s and he was removed from office. A Hutu
General named Gregor Mendil took over the office.
In 1952 a plane went down with a Hutu leader on board the Hutu blamed
this on the Tutsi. The same thing happened except there was a Tutsi leader on
board. This was enough to get the two tribes fighting again.
Right now the economy is in shambles because there is not enough people
Most of the killers are under 18 and the courts are deciding what to do
with them. The judicial sytem is very slow and the trials are not schelduled
until June.
Right now the Tutsi have control of Northern Rwanda and Zaire, while the
Hutu have Southern Rwanda and Burundi.

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