The Hulk

“Ah…wonderful Saturday”, I mumbled as I look around the walls in my room as I realize I can’t feel my hands – they’re still asleep. I get out of my bed, run straight to the bathroom to do my “thing”. I run downstairs to eat breakfast and see that everyone in my family already ate…they were waiting for me-anxiously. Today we were seeing “The Hulk”; meaning my dad and brother would be showing off pompously the whole day their biceps and strength. As we got to the movie theatre, my little sister had to use to the restroom and when my mom isn’t with us, it would be the common thing for me to do the job of escorting her. We’re waiting in the line to enter and the movie would start in 10min - we still had time. But I told Elizabeth “that’s what you get for not using the restroom at home!” My dad with a ferocious look, waited patiently to see if I would change my mind before he says the e obvious, “you know better, she’s only eight years old, go now and take her.” I rolled my eyes, took my sister by the hand and walked against the traffic in line and I finally saw the restroom. But at the end of the line was the rope to guide the line through the theatre; normally I would go over the rope or jump over it to make the trip to the bathroom worthwhile and cheer me up from my sister’s annoyance, but I wasn’t thinking straight. So I decided to go under the rope as a limbo challenge against my sister and completely forgot I was wearing thin sweatpants – wrong choice. I slit my pants down in the middle of my gluteus maximus and you could see my underwear. I wanted to die at that very moment, especially the sound t made as it ripped little by little every time I moved, I paused to look around and see if anybody was looking, but I wasn’t focusing on that. I grabbed my sister around my waist to cover the slit as if she was a four-year-old baby hugging her mom and ran to the bathroom and see how big the slit was, but I couldn’t! There were women in there washing their hands, using the mirror and what not! So I waited, and when they finally left, I asked my sister in a nervous tone “Can anybody see it?” With a grin on her face she says “ yes”. I wanted to strangle her even more than before. Out of all the days this had to happen, I had to wear yellow panties!! I used the same strategy of my sister “hugging” me all the way home. I would never forget that day, because as soon as school began, a guy asked me if I saw “the hulk” that very same day and remembered me, I simply said “I was out of state, what are you talking about?” Ahh, that horrible Saturday.