The Hell, In Retail

English 101

Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Office Max, and Staples are all great places to shop for Christmas gifts, but working at these places around Christmas time could bring you stress and mental frustration that is never resolved. A pay check could be the only turn on for me if I had to work retail. After all the experiences I had working at an “Office Max” in Chicago, I don’t ever want to work retail again.

During the months of November and December most retail stores are packed with customers, trying to find just the right gifts for their families for the holidays. Even though the temperature could be below zero around this time, it never seems to matter to the customers who are most eager to satisfy their relatives. When shoppers can’t find exactly what they want, they become very impatient and take their frustration out on the people who work at the retail stores.

As an associate working at “Office Max”, it is my duty to make sure the customers are helped and satisfied. Because it’s the holiday season and the store is swamped with customers, my duty is nearly impossible. For instance, one day just as I was helping a customer with a palm pilot, another customer walks up to me and asks me “where are the printer”, because I was in the midst of helping another customer I just told her the aisle that the printers were in. As she walked away I could hear her saying something offensive to me, because I was at work I was unable to act my true colors. As she walked to the aisle, I see her pout in dissatisfaction, so she turns around and walk back towards the door. As she’s leaving the store I told her to have a nice day, with the most devilish face ever she looks me dead in the eye and hawks a spit on me.

Growing up I was raised with morals and to believe that “two wrongs don’t make a right”, so I refused to scoop down to her level of ignorance and stupidity. The fact that she spit on me didn’t scar my soul as much as the fact that we both shared the same ethnicities. If she was white it still would have had the same effect on me, but at least I would have thought that maybe she was prejudice, instead I was left with the never ending question “why”.

When I went and explain this incident to the store managers, the only thing they told me was “if I were you I would have beat her ass”. But I know that if I did beat her ass, they would have been real quick to fire me, which would have probably served as a good purpose to them, being that I was the minority at the job. Though this was an awful working experience, it taught me that “ignorance has no type” and “the ones that seem to be close to you in any way, would be the first to hurt you”.