"The Guns of Dallas"

by L. Fletcher Prouty
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1992 15:59:39 GMT

The reason for the assassination
was to control the power of the presidency.


The following appeared in the October, 1975 issue of Gallery, a
porno magazine which billed Fletcher Prouty as the "National
Affairs Editor." Some people feel there is no credible way to
justify associating oneself with such exploitative and demeaning
media. Fletcher Prouty has told me that since the Ballentine
paperback edition of The Secret Team was "disappeared" soon after
it came out in February of 1974, it was very difficult for him to
find publishers who would print his writings (from 9/74 to 7/75 he
was able to get 7 articles published in Genesis (another porno
magazine), and from 9/75 to 6/78 he got 14 articles printed in
Gallery). Up until the Ballentine paperback was squelched, he had
been published in the likes of The Nation, The New Republic,
(including cover-story features), and Air Force Magazine. It is a
telling indictment of the reality of the lack of public access to
the mainstream corporate press, that a man like Fletcher Prouty --
who served in the Air Force for 23 years, rose to the rank of
Colonel, was a briefing officer in the Pentagon from 1955 thru
12/31/63, serving also as Focal Point Officer (liason) between the
DOD and the CIA, first in the Headquarters of the Air Force (1955
to 1960), where he set up and then ran the structures that
supplied Air Force logistical (military hardware) support for CIA
clandestine operations world-wide, then in the Office of the
Secretary of Defense (1960 into 1961), and then in the Office of
the Joint Chiefs of Staff (1961 thru 12/31/63) where he ran the
same support for all branches of the military -- that a man
possessing such critical first-hand experience and knowledge of
the mechanisms, methodogy and factual history of CIA covert
operations in this seminal period, would find his writings and
analysis of these important issues essentially barred from the
most generally accessible publications. As long as the
conglomerate press in this country continues to increasingly
restrict the range and variety of points of view being published,
writers will resort to certain types of publishers they would not
choose to go to if they had a better alternative.

This article included a great deal of photograhic evidence of the
events in Dealey Plaza. The photographic research was by Richard
E. Sprague. An asterisk character, \'*\', delimits pictures not seen
by Warren Commission.



1975 by L. Fletcher Prouty
Photographic Research by Richard E. Sprague
Reprinted with permission of the author

The shocking nature of what you are about to read in
this article makes it imperative that you be aware of
some of the credentials and experience of the author.

From 1955 to December 31, 1963, Col. L. Fletcher Prouty
was the Focal Point (liason) officer between the
Pentagon and the CIA. During 1962 and 1963 he was
Director of Special Plans (clandestine operations) in
the office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

In 1971 he was the president of the Financial Marketing
Council, Washington, D.C.

He is the author of numerous articles and of The Secret
Team, published by Prentice Hall (1973) and Ballantine
Books (1974).


How was the Warren Commission kept
from investigating and seeing evidence?
This is the real issue.
This is a crime to top the crime.


As we prepare now to celebrate the beginning of the third century
of the founding of this country, we wonder if we live in the land
of the free. We wonder if at least we still have a government of
the people and by the people. Certainly, it is no longer a
government for the people. The sound throughout the land is ugly:
there is frustration, hate, and fear. We must act while there may
still be time.

There is a grave conspiracy over the land. The people have
come alive because of Vietnam and Watergate; but they have
scarcely scratched the surface. A President and a Vice-President
have been forced to resign. A President has been shot to death.
Two Presidential candidates have been shot, one of them killed.
Many of the President\'s men