The Great White Shark

Class : 2


The great white shark is the largest predatory fish in the ocean, great white sharks are the top predators of the sea. It is a fierce shark with 3,000 or more teeth at one time. All though it\'s name is the great white shark the only part of its body that is white is its belly. It has 3 main fins of it\'s body which are it\'s dorsal fin and it\'s two pectoral fins. When on the surface the only visible part of it is the dorsal fin and the top of it\'s tail. The average size for the great white shark is about 12 - 16 feet long.As with most sharks, the female is bigger than the male in size. The biggest great white ever recorded was 23 feet long 7,000 pounds.

The great white shark usually eats sea lions, seals, small whales, otters and sea turtles. When eating the great white does not chew its food, its teeth shreads the food into little swallable pieces. If the meal is bid enough then the food can last for up to two months long. The teeth that are used to eat are about 3 inches long and are razor sharp.

The senses that the great white uses are mainly its great sense of smell. It hardly uses hearing and looking. The great also has a very unique way of sensing animals. It use electrical charges, which allow it to feel when an animal is near (example, muscle contractions). When a great white shark attacks a human, on most accounts it is not fatal.

The great white usually travels by itself or in pairs rarely in groups. The great white shark has been spotted in these places California, Alaska, the east coast of the USA, Gulf coast, Hawaii, South America, Australia, New Zealand, the Mediterranean Sea, Africa Scandinavia, Japan, China and southern Russia.

The great white swims through the water by their tails. The fins are used for balance. Their movement is more like an airplane. They swim about 2 mph, but they can swim 15 miles per hour in short bursts.

They have to swim all the time or they will sink. Their liver provides some floating ability. They are heavier than water which makes them sink unless they are swimming. The great white cannot swim backwards or come to a stop, because their fins are not flexible enough. The thing about great white fish are cool is that they jump out of the water to catch fast prey.

Althought the great white is a deadly animal, almost everywhere that it is found people are trying to save it from being extinct. Lots of people are trying to kill these animals because they think they are a threat to man. Also people kill them for fun, they are a large health food market for shark cartillage. These sharks are endangered because of over fishing, for food, for thier liver and oil, caught for body parts that are used in pharmaceudicals and cosmetics

When these animals give birth, it is usually to have about 2 - 14 babys about 5 feet long. When these babys are born they get no help or care from their mother, which means they have to find food on thier own, and also means they have no protection if a bigger shark comes to eat it. Each year these babys grow about 25 cm. long and this means they become adults in about 10 years. To give birth the females usually migrates to warmer waters and then they give birth in the fall season.

There are lots of things being done to help it all around the world. In South Africa april 1991 they were the first nation to help protect them by to create a ban on the sale of white sharks or any white shark product. Also California, Eastern United States, and Australia havedone things to help these animals such as, all directed targeting of white sharks other than tag and release was outlawed in all US eastern coastal waters and the Gulf of Mexico, and in Australia you needed a permit to use these sharks for scintific reasons, but if you harrassed these sharks then you would be