The Frying Pan

The metaphors that Conrad Hilberry stated in his poem “The Frying Pan”,
expressed some of the feelings that some women encounter throughout their life.
In this poem I believe that Hilberry related this poem to a female that was in a
relationship with a very controlling guy.
In the first stanza it says “I am another long-necked girl with the same
face.”, a girl that has the same face makes me think of a girl that has no
expressions, and hardly ever shows emotion, and this could be because she was
controlled by her boyfriend or husband.
Throughout the first stanza it states “I am emptiness reflected in a looking
glass, a head kept by a collar and leash”, the first thing that comes to my mind
when I read that is that there is a girl that feels empty inside, and that she is kept on
a leash by her significant other. Some examples of this could be that her significant
other could have beaten her, or verbally abused her by telling her that should could
not do certain things, and that can relate to being on a leash. Also in the first stanza
it says “a round belly with something knocking to get in”, this could refer to her
boyfriend or husband. From saying a round belly this might mean that he is over
weight, and saying that something is knocking to get in could mean that all he
wants to do is to have sexual intercourse with her, as in the “something knocking”
refers to his penis, and “to get in” could refer to her vagina.
In the Second Stanza when it says to cross the handle and she would
become Venus could refer to breaking up with her significant other and having the
confidence of being attractive because Venus is the goddess of love. The last few
lines of the poem say “I am both the egg in the pan it cooks in, the slow heat, the
miraculous sun rising”, this could mean that she is starting a new life and she has
alot of time to do things cause life can move slow, and the sun rising could mean
that she is blossoming into a more mature woman.

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