The Friar’s Description

The friar’s name is Hubert; he is happy and always full of excitement, although he sometimes uses his personality towards other people to gain their trust for the wrong reasons. He plays the musical instrument the hurdy gurdy and he also sings, this is his usual way of luring people in to donate money while he performs. He believes that he is a high-class honorable person. The Pope has granted him the power to listen to confessions and judge them of their sins. The purpose of a Friar is to be given the power from God to erase people’s sins after they confess to him and ask for forgiveness. The Friar though is not a very good person, he is a hypocritical liar and a sinful person. He is not the type of “Friar” you would imagine. What the Friar does is he makes rounds to peoples house’s asking for donations of money or gifts to give to the poor, he is a very good liar and has a craft at expressing false emotions. He also asks people to confess their sins to him, on behalf of them giving him a gift or money, then he claims that he will grant them to be completely forgiven of their sins. And if they refuse to give him any reward then he curses them to be a sinner, it’s an act that no one can resist. The Friar is a sneaky man he keeps the donations that he receives and takes their gifts from them also. He keeps everything for himself, spends the money on gifts for the ladies, such a buying them pocketknives and other treasures or he makes many visits to the bars. In fact he is well known and a regular to many of the taverns. He is a bad man he lies and steels from the poor to be rich on someone else’s expense. Yet the sinful acts that he commits does not bother his conscience at all. He still believes in his mind that he is a good person and lives richly while looking the other direction towards the poor, the people he should be helping as a Friar.