The Enigma of Atlantis

I believe that there never was an island known as Atlantis. If the
people of Atlantis made war against other countries to find wealth and power,
don\'t you think that anybody would know of the wars that went on? Even though
the people of the ancient items didn\'t usually record events in history, have
you ever heard of passing it on from generation to generation?
Have gods ever laid before such cruel punishment on any civilization
like Plato claims was laid on Atlantis? To say that there was terrible heat,
then tidal waves, and earthquakes during a twenty four hour period of time is
unheard of.
Atlantis is just an island of the Greek Myths and that\'s all the island
of Atlantis is a myth. The idea that an island almost half the Atlantic Ocean
away (Thera) could be Atlantis is insane. According to what Plato said the
island Thera was supposed to be west of the pillars of Hercules, (the pillars of
Hercules is the name the Greeks gave to the straight of Gibraltar) and Thera is
an island around Greece east of the Pillars of Hercules. The island of Atlantis
couldn\'t have been so wealthy or other greedy kings and queens would have
searched for the riches themselves.
I truly believe that there never was an Atlantis and future scientists
will prove my theory.

Category: History