The Elected Officials

Democracy, in theory is a great idea. The people elect their own leaders to represent them in the Government. Citizens elect these representatives to run the day-to-day operation of the Government. Also the people entrust the leaders they elect to uphold the ideals of the U.S Constitution. Even though these leaders do uphold the Constitution, there are too many negative aspects about these politicians.

Many politicians are not what they seem to be. These people lie, cheat and steal. They are also involved with Prostitution, Rape, and Pedophilia. I mean the list goes on. Also these officials indulge in drug use (both prescription and non-prescription). Also Alcoholism is big in the Government. Politicians want to take the attention off of how they break the law or act when not on T.V. So they blame “Rap” music and Video Games for the way society is today. Will they ever admit they are to blame?

Politicians will do anything for the right amount of money. Some leaders take bribes on a daily basis. Accepting Fifty Thousand Dollars to put their signature on a bill. Lobbying is all done all the time. Lobbying is citizens and businessmen try to get what they want from the government without using money. Lobbying is not as affective as using bribes though. If a person has enough money, they can get anything changed/passed in the Government. The wealthy use their money to gain what they want out of the Government. Rich people in this country take advantage of lobbying and bribes. Because of lobbying and bribes, the wealthy still have power in the Government. Even though, the rich people don’t actually hold positions.

Amongst the leaders of the nation, politicians try to keep the government to themselves. The term W.A.S.P comes to mind. W.A.S.P’s are White Anglo Saxon Protestant men. This particular race is what founded this Country and have run it ever since. W.A.S.P’s do not want any other creeds in the government. They don’t want to see Women, African-Americans, Hispanics or any other Sex/Race in the government. Don’t get me wrong there are many minorities in the government. Even though there are minorities in the Government, the vast majority are still W.A.S.P’s.

In Conclusion, just because a politician seems clean and good on the outside, doesn’t mean that’s true. Don’t get me wrong I love the U.S Government. I love the idea of democracy and how the people have a say in how the government is run. I just hate how easily corrupted the Government is. Daily, I think of how to save this Government from being corrupted, but I can’t see how it can be done.