The Effectiveness of Internet-based Education

English 1302

23 November 2003

Internet is been a major part of everyday life of the new generation. From gathering academic information to plain entertainment, computer with the access to the World Wide Web can serve our needs. The World Wide Web is really having the big influence and impact in the society. In recent year, all levels of educational institution adopt the new way of teaching academic material. The Internet base or hybrid (traditional and Internet mixed course) started to flow into the mainstream education. Internet base class is been more popular nowadays. And this would raise a lot of issues that need to be solved. Would it be better for teacher and student to communicate? Could teacher accurately catch the needs of student? Or is it just a way for student to cheat with less effort? The effectiveness of internet-base course would be a topic of discussion for many years to come.

From traditional to the new approach of teaching, there are many new skills in order to teach or learn successfully. There is a great deal of preparation for teacher to enable their teaching skills transform by computer. Mr. Glenn Hameroff, a man who has been a history teacher for 30 years said, “my first reaction to teaching on the Internet concerned the great speed at which everything took place.”(Hameroff) The experience of his first class online was not pleasant, because the communication base is totally different from a traditional class. The information float at free will, and student are too productive to talk on every topic that they want. Therefore, Mr. Hameroff plans to slow his second chat room lesson on the chat room down. With some limits on this universe to provide order, direction, accountability and learning (Hameroff), the lesson has established a sense of teamwork and the class become sufficient and materials are well delivered. Online teaching is unlike traditional teaching; there is a more effort before the actual class. When teacher prepare for a traditional class, he or she has to prepare the text, supplement, exercise and games for class participation. However, online teaching is more than that. A great deal of effort would be focus on creating material that is readable on the web, and advance email of direction for class discussion.

The preparation of class materials, setting guideline for communications and actual class interaction are the basics elements to create an effective internet-based course. And here are some in depth analysis of these elements mean to the online course. User friendly and reliable technology is critical to a successful online program, and if all the technical part of the online program are in tact, online program enable teacher to concentrate more on each student by spending less time. The traditional learning can be add-on with the computer aids learning. With different setting, computer enables educator use different methods that help teaching in many different ways. The computer will be a key element to reorganize and redefine intelligence. The problem solving operation will replace the mechanical operations that human have been doing for decades (Nuuhauser). Education curriculum will naturally change because many of the required skills will be handling by the computer. Computer can bring closer many barriers of people\'s difference in intelligence because computer has the potential for adapting to individual differences in abilities. It also allows more interaction between learner and teacher because teacher can better understand what the learner need and can help focus on the real problem and enhance the efficiency of teaching.

Other online components may also be used to enhance the flexibility of teaching, e.g., interactive web pages for posting course notes, other resources, virtual labs and online stream videos. There are many online resources that dedicated their work to help the online education work. One of the support providers is called Illinois Online Network ( Illinois Online Network is an education network of resources for the state of Illinois’ college and university to promote the effective use of networked information technologies to enhance traditional classroom instruction, and to build the foundation for developing, delivering, and supporting courses delivered in a completely online format (Illinois Online Network). The have listed a lot of research that shows the effectiveness of online learning. As a