The Easy Road To the Final Four...

So, you\'re from Indianapolis but all the tickets to the Final Four games are
sold out. You still want in. You go to the game looking for scalpers but they
charge over $200 a ticket. You pay him. FOOL!!!! Don\'t pay him! Here\'s what ya

Go to one of the gates that has little or no people. Look for a GUY aged 18-30
who is talking the tickets. When he asks for the ticket slowly take a fresh $100
bill. 95% of the time they\'ll take it and tell you to go in.

Why does this work? This guy\'s making $4.00 an hour. He\'s been talking tickets
all day. He\'s tired. A $100 bill will wake him up.


You: You get to see the game and sit anywhere. Ticket Guy: He just made a $100!
Business guys: They overcharge so much it won\'t matter to them.

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